The Electoral Office of Dominica informs electors in Calibishie and environs that the Calibishie Village Council General Election will be held on Wednesday, June 24, 2020.

The voting will commence at eight o’clock in the morning and end at five o’clock in the afternoon. The election was initially carded for April 13, 2020 and was postponed due to concerns over the Covid—19 pandemic.

As was the case in the Woodfordhill Village Council General Election held last Wednesday, the Ministry of Health guidelines will be in effect during the hours when the polls are open and during the counts. This includes the practice of social distancing and the wearing of masks by all electors wishing to cast their ballot.

All election officials have been equipped with masks, hand sanitizers and alcohol and efforts will be made to maintain a sanitized environment within the polling station.

Electors are further advised that only one elector will be allowed into the polling station at a time and that voting is to be done promptly and that they are to vacate the premises soonest.

9 candidates were duly nominated on March 24, 2020 for the election and are as follows:

1. ABRAHAM, Lennox

2. CELESTINE, Marydith

3. GEORGE, Kerrison

4. LAWRENCE, Chase

5. LAWRENCE, Martina

6. MASSICOTT, Casimir

7. PAUL, Brenda

8. PETERS, John


Electors are encouraged to exercise the right to vote.