I would like to add my voice to those of the peace-loving Dominicans, who have called for PEACE in Dominica. Those of us who are old enough know that after each General Election and the dust settled, Dominicans took a break from politics, reconciled with opponents and went about with their daily lives in peace and tranquility.

This noble tradition changed after the 2000 General Elections, and we now find ourselves starting the political campaign the day after the Elections. We have suffered for this socially, economically and spiritually. It is clear for all to see that the main culprits of the year round campaign have not benefitted from it, and have remained in opposition since the year 2000.

All the Observer Missions have declared that the 2019 results represented the will of the people and that the elections were free and fair. So the Good Lord is now giving us a chance to return to the days of let bygones be bygones, and to look at the bigger picture which is the development of our beloved country. I urge all Dominicans to take advantage of this opportunity in the interest of all.

We have gone through a very divisive campaign which saw the introduction of violence at a level never seen before. As a citizen of the Commonwealth of Dominica, I apologize to Bishop Gabriel Malzaire, Cardinal Kelvin Felix and all Dominicans and visitors who suffered at the hands of the few protestors whom we know are being misled and misguided. We know that the misbehavior and disobedience we experienced before the Elections is far from what we have come to expect from Dominicans, who are generally law-abiding, hospitable, kind and friendly. Therefore, I condemn the violent protests that we saw in our beloved country.

Prime Minister, Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit has invited the next leader of the Opposition to meet with him to discuss the future of our country. It is most fitting for the two leaders to speak on matters of mutual interest and national development. After the recovery from Hurricane Maria and the work that is required to make Dominica the first resilient country in the World, there is a great need for unity and peace. In that regard, I would like to ask a few questions:

  1. Are we going to use our God-given talents and energy to campaign for the next five years?
  2. Are we going to dig up everything we consider to be negative and present those to the international community?
  3. Are we going to allow unscrupulous foreigners to use us in furthering their selfish agenda, only to dump us when they have no further use for us?
  4. Are we going to continue to denigrate persons who happen to have a different opinion from us?
  5. Are we, those of us who have reached the age to be considered senior citizens, live the rest of our lives in anger?
  6. Are we going to continue to envy those we feel are making progress instead of using our God-given talents to improve ourselves?
  7. Are we going to be in denial for the next five years?

Dominicans, we have spoken in one way or another and now we have to work together towards the further development of our country.

And now I have said my piece, I expect the prophets of doom and gloom to launch their usual character assassination. But they must never forget that, just like them, I have a right to speak and that right can only be taken by the Almighty, when he is ready.






December 10, 2019