The aesthetic of the Bell Hall Highway in Portsmouth will be more appealing to those traversing the area. A tree planting initiative has been introduced by the Parliamentary representative for the cottage constituency, senior minister hon. Reginald Austrie has partnered in partnership with the Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski Team.

This development contributes to governments national beautification campaign introduces a few years ago to plant over one million saplings across the island.

The first phase of this project began on Monday, January 10,2022 with the planting of seventeen saplings.

The MP for the Cottage Constituency notes that while this project may appear simple, it is significant for the development of that area more specifically the Kempinski Hotel.

Senior Minister Austrie reminded the residents of their responsibility to maintain the area. He says the addition of the five-star resort to that location was to create opportunities for citizens.

“I do not believe that we understand that fully. If we agree that his is our business, our livelihood then we have a responsibility to take care of it and to maintain it and to ensure that it remains there for a very long time. The Government can bring these hotels and resorts here but we cannot make it stay because making it stay is the responsibility of all of Dominica,” Hon. Austrie stated.  

The beautification of the highway will lead to an increase in visitor attraction. Austrie says the country should always be well kept and citizens should take pride in maintaining the standards of the land.   

“We have to clean the country and we have to prepare the country for the visitors who come to Dominica. So this is the purpose of the project. I think it is a very important project. Everybody in the world trying to plant trees but if we can execute this successfully we can have an even more beautiful Dominica. Planting it is easy but maintaining it is the challenge,” Hon. Austrie added.

Hotel Manager of Cabrits Resort and Spa Kempinski, Mrs. Pascale Selwan is pleased to have partnered on this initiative.

“Planting a tree is planting a life. So we are proud as Kempinski to be a part of this social responsibility towards the community. We are part of the community and whatever it takes to make this community clean, beautiful we will spear nothing in joining our efforts with the efforts of Hon. Austrie and all the team. And we thank you for all your trust in us as Kempinski and we will always be here to support in whatever possible way to make Portsmouth even more beautiful,” Mrs. Selwan noted.

Mrs. Selwan went on to express her gratitude for the landscaping along the highway which has enhanced the views of the hotel.

More beautification projects are being undertaken across the island to enhance the tourism industry.