The Division of Culture has launched a calendar of events for the emancipation celebrations 2021.

The Emancipation Celebration is geared towards building greater awareness about the significance of the abolition of slavery and also the impact which slavery and emancipation have had on our modern-day society. It also celebrates and highlights the African retentions which are still with us today and the African influences on our culture.

Acting Minister for Culture, Hon. Oscar George called on citizens to take part in thei year’s celebration.

“The aim is to focus on the creative aspect of our African heritage rather than the enterprise of slavery. I would like to encourage you all to go out and participate. Let us appreciate and keep our culture alive and let us strive to inculcate all aspects of our culture in our young people,” Hon. George stated.

Cultural Ambassador, Mr. Wayne Benjamin noted that the preservation of Dominica’s heritage is critical, going on to encourage stakeholders is to share their ideas and join in the cultural movement.

“I can assure you the work between the cultural division and myself won’t stop here. I believe that we are at a point in time where we can make big improvements within the culture and give the energetic boost that is needed. I envisage somewhere in the future our culture will be heard and displayed on the world stage and Dominica’s name and flag will be celebrated. Culture is not just about music and the arts but about our way of life, the way we walk, the way we talk, the food we eat and our lifestyle,” Mr. Benjamin stated.

The Emancipation Celebrations includes three African Dress Fridays island wide on July 16, 23 and 30. Afro Artistic, will be held on Saturday July 24 at the Old Mill Cultural Centre.

The Division of Culture and the National Reparations Committee will host an emancipation lecture on the topic ‘British Reparations for Caribbean Slavery on Wednesday July 21 at the Old Mill Cultural Centre. Paix Bouche Drummers will host a Cultural Night on Friday, July 30 at the Paix Bouche Primary School and the Emancipation Day Celebration will come to an end on Sunday, August 1 at Hampstead Beach.