On May 27 and 28 eight hundred and ninety-six (896) students sat the Grade Six National Assessment (G6NA) exams. Following the examination government awarded 67 scholarships and 106 bursaries to students who excelled in the exams.

The top five schools in this year’s grade six national assessment came from the St. Martin Primary, and the Convent Preparatory School.

Danika Paul of the St. Martin Primary School topped this year’s grade six national assessment. She was followed by Miss. Allianne Toussaint who came in second, Miss Christa George of the St. Martin Primary School, Mr. Joreb Bercasio of the Convent Preparatory School and Miss Asia Harrigan of the St. copped the fifth place in the national assessment. Martin Primary

Mr. Eddie George, father of third top scholar encouraged other parents to show interest in their children’s studies and ensure that they make the necessary sacrifices when needed.

“Prepare them diligently and consistently because hard work really pays off. But I want to encourage the parents, especially the men to get involved. It’s a big sacrifice but get involved in the lives of your children and the success will be inevitable,” Mr. George stated.

Mrs. Jabel Bercasio who is also a teacher at the Convent Preparatory School says her son Joreb was very focused and he made the necessary sacrifices to achieve his goal.

“My son is a typical boy, if you leave him alone he will be on his tablet playing video games so we need to focus more. We need to be there for them and support them because it is a very emotional time when they are studying for the national assessment,”Mrs. Bercasio noted.

Meantime, Miss. Danika Paul of the St. Martin Primary School says her success in the examinations heavily relied on self-discipline.

“I am very excited. I collected a lot of information outside of school. I studied a lot. It was a lot of late nights but it was worth it in the end. I have to give thanks to my mother and my teachers for motivating me to do so well. I would say work hard and rely on yourself for your education,” she stated.

The exams were distributed over four districts. In the eastern district 98, northern district 194, southern district 153 and in the western district 451 students.