The Government of Dominica is currently constructing seven housing units in the community of Marigot.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Planning Honourable Gregory Riviere says upon completion over thirty individuals will benefit from the units.

“The Government is constructing seven housing units, consisting of three bedrooms, one living room, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet facilities in Marigot. We are hoping that about thirty people will benefit from those units. I think its a historic thing for Marigot. It is the very first time the Government has started, and of course will complete, the construction of homes for the people of Marigot. Those are going to be resilient homes. They are part of the Government’s housing revolution project where they will build I think a thousand homes under the PRE-CONCO arrangement and of course the Marigot people are very, very happy to be part of the process,” Hon. Riviere stated.

Hon. Riviere spoke in detail about the construction measures for the housing units.

“On one site we are going to have four houses and on the other site, which is basically at the top of the first site, we are going to have three. The three houses are going to be built on individual lots, so there are people who had their lots and we decided that we are going to construct houses on those lots. Of course the four, persons will go through the process, they will apply and the social development planner will do an assessment based on the needs and the circumstance of the individual and then people will be awarded keys. And; like we have been doing across the country, these houses will be free of charge. No one will have to pay to get one of these houses,” the Minister noted.

Hon. Riviere expressed his thanks to the contractors and developers for the work done thus far. He says this is the first time a government has constructed homes in the community.

“Let me thank the Government of Dominica. Let me thank the company who was involved in construction. As you can see the construction is happening at a very rapid pace and very, very soon we will be back here to commission seven housing units as part of a historic event. We are very certain that very soon from now we will have the completion of those units so that people can come in and live happily.