The La Plaine Constituency has seen numerous investments from the Government of Dominica in various sectors as they move towards building a Dynamic Dominica.

The housing and education sector has benefitted from these investments, as well as other social programmes in the constituency.

While the Government’s ongoing housing revolution has already touched the La Plaine constituency, the Member of Parliament, Honourable Kent Edwards stated that there are still housing concern to be addressed in other parts of the area.

To date, over ten million dollars have been spent on housing in the La Plaine Constituency following the devastation of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

He reassured residents that discussion is on the way and assistance will soon follow.

 “The Delices apartments and the La Plaine apartments were completed and have been handed over to the recipients who are now living there comfortably. Government has spent since Hurricane Maria, excluding the apartments, over six million dollars on housing in La Plaine alone, and over four million on the other side in Delices. So quite a bit of money has been spent in housing, however housing still remains a challenge. We are going to be working on it very soon because the housing officers have come forward and have made some very good estimates and we will forward it to the Minister of Finance so that we could get some help. So I am telling the people of La Plaine, Boetica and Delices, who needs housing  assistance, this is being taken care of and we are going to take care of them very soon,” the Member of Parliament stated.

The Parliamentary Representative then highlighted several other project currently ongoing in the constituency. Over three million dollars is being spent on these projects including the rehabilitation of the Delices Primary School and the local police station.

 “As for the road between La Plaine and Delices, as we know that road was in a very deplorable state and the Government spent well over a million dollars to bring it back on par. And as we speak, there is still work going on to take care of some patches that remains to be done. The Delices Police Station was also damaged by the passage of the hurricane and is now being repaired. On the Delices Primary School, another 1.2 million dollars is being spent there,” the La Plaine Parliamentary Representative explained.

The agricultural and agro-processing sector has also seen major investments. Honourable Edwards noted that these investments are important as majority of the residents rely on agriculture for an income.

“There’s also works being done on the Toloma Processing Facility in Delices. One hundred and fifty-eight thousand dollars was spent there. In the Delices Bois Bellevue Bay Oil facility, that was given some assistance as well. Over one hundred thousand dollars was spent here because that area is mostly dependent on the toloma, cassava and bay oil. The La Plaine area, as we know, has been a very agricultural area but the National Employment Programme has been very active in La Plaine. We have about a hundred people now in La Plaine working under the NEP and that is very significant because it is a very good form of employment,” he went on to say.

Students from the constituency have also benefitted from the Government’s generosity. The Minister added that social programmes such as the Yes We Care programme continues to operate funded by the Government.

“In the schools, fifth formers, fourth formers and the college students, laptops were given to them recently. So they now have devices where they could go ahead and do their assignments and we are very thankful for that. Our social programmes are also continuing. We have the “Yes We Care” programme, we have the ‘70 Years and Older’ programme and also the Public Assistance Programme; and with all of these money is spent. In La Plaine for example, on a monthly basis over thirty-two thousand dollars is spent on the NEP; in the Over 70, twenty thousand dollars is being spent there, and the Public Assistance, thirty five people are on it and seven thousand dollars is spent there. So we are on our way to achieving better things in the la Plaine constituency, re the housing and the social programmes among others and we are thankful for that,” Honourable Edwards further added.