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 The Dominica China Friendship Hospital has received some cheer as former patient Genitta Pascal made a donation of books and toys to the Winston Ward.

The donation was held on Thursday, march 2 2023, where Ms. Pascal also recognized the nurses who made her stay in the Winston Ward more comfortable.

Ms. Genitta Pascal was admitted to the ward almost thirty years ago in 1994 after being diagnosed with leukemia.

Pediatrician on the Winston Ward, Dr. Dwayne Laville is thankful that Ms. Pascal has been able to give back in such a tangible way.

“I am grateful to everyone who participated in her care so that thirty years later she is here to donate to us. The children are out future and Ms. Pascal is a prime example of what taking care of our children now can ensure that they have a future. So we should take in the moment, not the just the fact that she is donating, but the moment that if we do what we are supposed to do, our children can excel even if they are sick for a period of time,” he stated.

Dr. Laville hopes that this donation will assist in the mental aspect of the recovery of the children.

“Being a patient is sometimes a fearful moment for us as adults, so we can imagine for children that it can be even worse. So this donation will be put to great use to help not only as a distraction, because health is more than just the physical  aspect but the mental and psychological aspect as well. So we hope that this donation will assist in the full recovery so that they may one day say they had a good stay as well,” Dr. Laville added.

Meanwhile, Ms. Gennita Pascal says the nurses at the Winston Ward have always gone above and beyond to care for the children. She says the nurses gave her hope during her stays at the hospital.  

“Apart from family, those individuals worked assiduously and they were my source of inspiration, reminding me that I should remain hopeful and encouraged and that when it is all over I will be able to look back and remember that I wasn’t on this journey alone,” she stated.

Ms. Pascal credits her success to the care she received from the nurse during her stay at the Winston Ward.

“These nurses and the individuals at the Ministry of health, their support and admiration lit a burning fire in me reminding me that regardless of the challenges ‘Tall is My Body.’ I always say, in life you can’t move forward without looking back; looking back not only to see how far you’ve come but looking back to see how all those individuals along your journey influenced your life story and your ability to overcome and become. You see in life we all need people to help shape and shift our mindsets, cheering us on and helping us to remain in good spirits and I am forever grateful that I was able to meet these people right here,” Ms. Pascal added.

The Dominica Cancer Society also received a donation from Ms. Pascal for the care that they give to cancer patients in Dominica.

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