Government of Dominica


Twenty-four individuals received Meritorious Service Awards during the ceremony to observe Dominica’s 45th anniversary of Independence on November 3rd, 2023.

 Businessmen Mr. Karl Nassief, Mr.Daryl Williams, Mr. Edrick Robinson, Mr. Patrick Pemberton and child welfare advocate Mr. Martin Anthony received Dominica’s second highest award, the Sisserou Award of Honor.

 Mrs. Cynthia Agnes Joseph(Sports) Mr. Fabierre Adler Hamlet (Electrical Engineering Ms. Gloria Septra Augustus (Social Services) Mr. Yoland Jno, Jules (Public Service), Dr. Orrin Jolly ( Business) Mr.Renneth Alexis (Business) Mr Sun Hoajie (Chinese Agricultural Mission) Mr. Sobers Esprit, (Culture) Mr,Kendell Johnson  (Public Service Engineering) Mr Samuel Carrette (Community Development) Mr. Clement Royer( Business), Mr. Maximin Victorine (Construction)  Mr.Allan Paul (Economics) Mr.Daniel Langlois( Business), Ms.Lisa White (Culture) and Mr. Asa Edwards(Music) received the Meritorious Service Award.

 Ms. Marian George (Tourism) Mr Cecil Joseph (Agriculture) and Mr. Ashton Shillingford(Media) received the Services Medal of Honor.

 The awards were presented on Friday , November third, 2023 at the Independence Day Observance ceremony at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

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