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Coulibri Ridge five star eco Resort


Minister for Tourism and Parliamentary Representative for the Soufriere Constituency, Hon. Denise Charles says the death of Daniel Langlois and his wife Dominique Marchand will be felt in the community for years to come.

The couple, who owned the recently opened five star Coulibri Ridge five star eco Resort in Soufriere, was found dead on Friday, December 1.

Since opening its doors in October 2022, the Coulibri Ridge resort has received numerous accolades from regional and international publications, with the most recent being from AFAR Magazine which listed the eco resort one of the fifteen best luxury resorts and hotels in the Caribbean.

The Minister’s statement can be found in its entirety below.

The last few days have been incredibly heavy for this constituency. To lose two members of our community who have been at the heart of its development and its sense of spirit and its togetherness is something that we have all struggled to put into words. Danielle and Dominique may be known for their world-renowned eco-resort, Coulibri Ridge, but to the people of the Soufriere constituency, and to me, they were kind, loving, and truly community-oriented. They loved the people of our constituency dearly and had great plans in place for its development.

I remember after Hurricane Maria devastated us, I called a stakeholders meeting and invited every group, council, and developer to put a plan forward for rebuilding. Danielle and Dominique remain committed, offering help whenever approached, especially supporting conservation and sustainability projects. They formed an organization called Res-DM, which funded the reconstruction of the Soufriere Primary School and Scott’s Head Jetty.

Just last Thursday, we had agreed to meet early this week to go over some community projects set to commence next year. The vision we shared was monumental.

 Aside from losing two people of such character, it is incredibly painful to know that there will not be around to see that vision come to fruition. In life, you meet people who are talkers and those who are doers, people who do things to seek fame, or recognition, and people who actually care. Daniel and Dominique cared.

This was not a random act of violence. Our community is safe and secure. Our people are warm and friendly. And we loved that couple. They were snatched from us way too soon, and we are left to feel the pain of that loss. I pray to God that we find justice for Daniel and Dominique. I want to thank the Minister of National Security, the Chief of Police, and the CID for moving so swiftly and apprehending the prime suspects.

We never anticipated your departure so soon, Daniel and Dominique, but your legacy of goodness will live on in our hearts and our constituency. I am proud that this government and the people of Dominica had the chance to bestow a national award to you on November 3rd, recognizing your contribution to this country. We shall find a way to always remember you in our constituency so that you will never be forgotten. We will miss you so much.

I am making a plea to all. Let's be our neighbor's keepers. Let's dwell in peace and love. This is all God asks of us, to love him and love our neighbor as ourselves. Anger, jealousy, and hatred have no place in our small community. Love and peace are the only things that will prosper us.

Deepest condolences and prayers to their families, close friends such as Magdalene, Celine, Simon, his wife, and other friends, the management and staff at Coulibri Ridge, and to the number of people whose lives they've touched. Rest in eternal peace, Daniel and Dominique. We love you.



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