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Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit says extensive work is ongoing as the construction of the international airport progresses.

The Dominica International Airport Project is the biggest contracted project the in the history of Dominica.

The Dominica International Airport will open up a world of opportunities for socio-economic growth as jobs become available during and after its construction for the residents of Wesley and Dominica by extension.

The new air cargo capabilities provided by a completed international airport, will result in greater export of agricultural produce, including perishable goods, to new markets. Dominica will now be well positioned to expand its export of cut flowers and other fresh produce to both regional and international markets.

Currently there are two hundred and thirty Dominicans employed on the site of the project.

“Work is going on at the international airport apace. I think we are making progress. There are a number of elements taking place. Like I say to people, you won’t see the actual work by driving through Wesley; you really need drone footage to give you a true appreciation for the expanse of the site and the extent of work taking place there. So you have culverts being built, you have earth movement being done; it’s a significant site. Currently there are two hundred and thirty Dominican citizens employed on the site and the numbers will keep increasing as the pace of work continues,” he explained.

Prime Minister Skerrit says when completed the international airport will complement the investments Government has made in other sectors including tourism and agriculture.

“So the project is on schedule and we look forward to that being the case all through and we are very excited about it. This is the largest infrastructural project in the country’s history. It is going to be a transformational project. We are satisfied as Dominicans that when we are blessed with this international airport it will one sustain the investments that we have made in tourism, agriculture, and small business development but also spur economic activity. And so you tie the airport with all of the hotels that we have built; you tie the airport with the investment in geothermal energy; you tie the airport with all the investments that we have made in agriculture; you tie the airport with all the investments that we have made in small business development and you tie the airport with all the investments in infrastructural work that is taking place around Dominica; and I think you are seeing a clear plan for the next fifteen years in Dominica,” he explained.  

The Prime Minister added that citizens should support the airport project as they look forward to the benefits that it will bring to the country.

“It’s a significant project and I am hoping that you know we can fight among ourselves politically but there are some things that we need to wrap around the National flag. And if every Government for our entire existence has attempted to do something about the airport, and God has blessed us; the airport is being done so magically in the most difficult period of the world, I think that we should all embrace it and support it,” PM Skerrit further added.

The international airport is expected to be completed and commissioned by the end of 2026, with a runway length of two thousand, eight hundred and fifty meters making it possible to handle wide body aircrafts on direct routes to North America, Europe and key cities in Asia.



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