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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Government of Dominica through The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Blue and Green Economy has signed the 2022-2026 Country Programming Framework.

The Country Programming Framework (CPF) defines mutually agreed priority development needs and interests to be supported through technical cooperation activities between the FAO and Dominica.

During the signing ceremony held on Wednesday, March 29, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and the Blue and Green Economy, Hon. Roland Royer described the signing as significant for the development of Dominica.

“The Country Programming Framework outlines the strategic priorities, development results and expected outcomes, the partnership and financial resources required for the successful implementation of the Technical Cooperation Agenda, consistent with the National Development Agenda for the Ministry’s goal for the Agricultural sector to contribute a minimum of seven hundred million dollars to the national GDP by 2030,” Hon. Royer explained.

The priorities outlined in the country programming framework were identified after numerous consultations with the relevant stakeholders.

“After extensive stakeholder consultations and careful review of the main issues identified, and the key strategic documents, including the National Resilience Development Strategy, the Climate Resilience and Recovery Plan and the National Agricultural Policy, the following priorities have been identified to provide the strategic direction for FAO’s technical support for Dominica for the period 2022-2026: Resilience to climate change and shocks and sustainable natural resource management, shared prosperity and economic resilience, and equality wellbeing and leaving no one behind,” he noted.

The Agriculture Minister reiterated Government’s commitment to achieving the various goals outlined in the CPF for the further development of a resilient Dominica.

“Dominica has a long working relationship with the FAO and we thank them for the continued support as we build a resilient Agriculture Sector. The Ministry of Agriculture is committed to achieving the targets set in this Country Programming Framework as well as looking forward to working with the FAO and collaborating with all concerned partners for the successful implementation of this Country Programming Framework,” Minister Royer added.

Meanwhile, Sub Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean and FAO Representative for Dominica, Dr. Renata Clarke described the signing as the beginning of a long process to assist the Ministry in reaching its goal.  

“This is the beginning of a process. This is a living document. We are living in dynamic times. Things happen that we didn’t expect. There are numerous partners and with careful monitoring and attention to implementation, we will adjust as we need, as we go ahead to ensure that we do meet that very ambitious target of 700 million,” Dr. Clarke stated.

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