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The Dominica Youth Business Trust will host a cadre of activities in recognition of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 in Dominica.

Global Entrepreneurship Week, scheduled to run from November 13 to 19, is a global celebration of entrepreneurship which recognizes the importance of entrepreneurs and their enterprises, to economic advancement and social welfare.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Community Development, Hon. Oscar George, highlighted the theme of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023.

“The Dominica Youth Business Trust popularly known as the DYBT is the proud host of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 in Dominica. This year’s global theme is “Entrepreneurs Thrive Here.” A powerful statement that captures every essence of the transformative journey we are embarking on. This theme is not merely a slogan. It is a guiding principle that echoes the Dominica Labor Party Government to fostering and nurturing an environment where entrepreneur dreams take root and flourish, Minister George stated.”

Dominica Youth Business Trust continues to be a pioneer that drives economic growth and progress by engaging individuals in entrepreneurship training programs. Since its official launch in 2004, the Dominica Youth Business Trust has impacted over 1500 entrepreneurs in Dominica.

Sixty individuals will graduate from the four-week Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) on November 22, 2023.

Coordinator of the Dominica Youth Business Trust, Hon. Phillip Rolle spoke to the success of the last entrepreneurial cohort.

“I would say our last entrepreneurial cohort has been very successful. What we’ve noticed especially with our one month training program is that we were able to take entrepreneurs who had an idea as to what they wanted to do. Still they were very shy as to how they communicated that business idea, with others to a point where from our recently conducted business plan innovation awards, they were able to speak confidently in front of a panel of judges about their business plan and for me I consider that a major success. Because what that means is that they know what they want to do. And because they have done the research which the training would have prompted them to do they are more comfortable in presenting their business ideas. And that is something we see that a lot of entrepreneurs are unable to do. A lot of people don’t like public speaking in general but the fact that you can present your business idea to a panel that means that when you go to a loans officer you can present that same business idea confidently to that loans officer and hopefully get the financing they need,” Hon. Rolle explained.

There have been a number of success stories stemming from beginnings in the Dominica Youth Business Trust Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

“We have been fortunate to have a lot of entrepreneurs who have passed through and have gone on to be extremely successful in their business endeavors. One I can speak to off the top of my head and everybody should be familiar with is “Big G’s Pepper Sauce.” That’s Mr. Grayson John. He is one that actually came through the program and when he started he had another business idea. And in going through the training program he recognized the opportunity to develop this pepper sauce business. And I believe today he’s exporting. We also have Mr. Frankie Phillip of Daily Fresh, another entrepreneur who has passed through the DYBT. I can speak to Mr. Alton Christmas of ‘Christmas Cravings’. You should be familiar with his juices in town he has a few outlets around town. I can speak to Mr. Tevin Benjamin the owner of Mr. King’s punches another local manufacturer,” Hon. Rolle stated.

The events that will form part of Global Entrepreneurship Week include a school outreach across Dominica from November 14 to 16, to foster culture of youth entrepreneurship, an entrepreneurs’ showcase at Castle Bruce youth centre on November 16, and a webinar on cultivating entrepreneurial spirit in education.


Hon. Oscar George expressed commitment to support entrepreneurial growth in Dominica.

“Let me on behalf of the Government of Dominica pledge our continued commitment to the development of micro, small and medium enterprise sectors. We recognize the importance of investing in our young population and we continue to support the work that the DYBT has been mandated to undertake. I am confident that this week will be more than a celebration; it will be a testament of the spirit of innovation, collaboration and determination that defines us as a nation. Lastly, I would like to extend commendations to all the young, innovative and industrious entrepreneurs across Dominica and best wishes to the Dominica Youth Business Trust and its partners in hosting this major event,” Hon. George added.


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