Government of Dominica



The Cabinet has approved the implementation of new bus fares and taxi rates in accordance with Section 3:2 (a) of the Vehicles and Road Traffic Act #17 of 1993. The approved schedule of fares will take effect from March 15, 2023. The Dominica Transport Board made submissions to a Cabinet Task Force based on recommendations from the Airport Taxi Operators Association for increased taxi rates for plying the Douglas Charles Airport routes; and from representatives of bus drivers’ associations for increases in fares for buses travelling routes island-wide. The Cabinet decision seeks to regularize fares which have been in effect for some time, particularly on the airport route. The Transport Board, using the approved schedule of fares of 2008 as a benchmark, recommended increases in bus fares ranging from $1.00 to $1.50 for longer routes from Roseau to communities across the island and $0.25 to $0.75 for shorter routes and inter-villages. The recommendations were based on the rising cost of fuel and other factors, including the cost of purchasing new vehicles; increased cost of spare parts and maintenance; and increased costs of insurance premiums. The Transport Board also recommended, and Cabinet has approved the regularization of revised rates for shuttle and hired services from Douglas Charles Airport through various routes across the island.


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