Roseau, Dominica- December 22, 2023: The Government of Dominica has approved a reduction in the prices of petroleum products after a review of prices for the regulatory cycle November 27-December 15.

Effective December 27, 2023, the new retail price for gasoline is $13.91 per gallon, a reduction of $0.34 or 2.4%. The price of diesel has been reduced to $13.41 per gallon by $0.89 or 6.2% and kerosene to $11.32 per gallon, a reduction of $1.41 or 11%.

The decrease in commodity prices is based on an increase in US crude production which has resulted in a surge in inventory available on the market.

The Government of Dominica will continue to implement measures to mitigate inflation and cushion the impact of adverse market forces on consumers.