Over one hundred and ninety thousand dollars is being invested in the Wotten Waven playing field. Significant progress has being recorded on this project since the establishment of an agreement between the National Authorizing Office of Dominica and the Public Works Corporation.

Roseau Valley is known as the 'wellness capital of Dominica' with its many sulfur spas and peaceful ambiance.

When completed, this facility will also enhance the wellness aspect of Wotten Waven.

“It’s more than just a playing field for people to come and play their football and cricket. It goes beyond that. It something that we see that can really enhance the whole development of Wotten Waven. As you know, the Roseau Valley is the wellness capital of Dominica, and wellness in the sense of not just the absence of disease, but it’s also the many other things that can prevent disease. And we know the importance of physical activity, we know the importance of recreating, we know the importance of stress management so it’s a real comprehensive approach so we need a good playing field that can contribute to the wellness and the development of the village itself,” Dr. McIntyre stated.   

Government is on path to strengthening community sports with major developments in sports infrastructure across the island.

Dr. McIntyre believes this new facility will facilitate the objective of decentralizing sports in Dominica.

“It’s a national drive that we are on to step up all our playing fields so that way actually we can diversify sports in the country so it won’t be in just one particular community or village; it would be in every single village in the country and they will have up to standard playing fields so they can compete on an equal level. We don’t want some people to have better facilities and some don’t have any facilities. So that’s the whole drive of the Ministry of Sports and the Government of Dominica that we should have paying fields of good standards in every single community in the country,” he noted.

The new playing field is expected to bring wholeness among residents and give youth an opportunity to connect in new ways.

“It’s all about health, it’s all about community spirit, it’s all about staying active, it’s all about wellness, and it’s a way or us to come together. I remember growing up, people would come on the playing field and that’s where they gathered, that’s where you talk, that’s where you laugh, that is the informal education we used to get. So that’s where you learn things, that’s where people get together and just build a good community spirit and a good country spirit so we can thrive from there on,” the MP stated.

A number of residents are employed on this project. Dr. McIntyre says the support and gratitude shown by the community thus far is gratifying.

“There are quite a few of us who are engaged, and just the enthusiasm and the support that the people from the community have put in behind this because they realize the advantage and it something they have been waiting for quite a long while and it is finally coming and they can finally see their playing field. And a lot of work has gone on here, because it is just not a matter of levelling and grading the playing field. We have to slope it properly, we have to put the proper drainage because this is a high rainfall area and with a high rainfall area we must have proper drainage,” he explained.

Much progress has been recorded on this project. PVC pipes have already been laid along the perimeter of the field.

The Member of Parliament expressed his gratitude to the NAO for its commitment to the development of this playing field.

When surface works are completed, the project will also see the erection of washroom facilities.

Plans are in place to ensure Wotten Waven forms its very own football academy upon completion of the playing field. Currently, young footballers from Wotten Waven are engaged in the football academy in Trafalgar.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Wotten Waven Development Committee, Mr. Rudolph George is excited over the realization of this project.

“It has been something that I always wanted to see happen in my community because we have been really pushing and fighting for us to get the playing field to a playing standard and now that it is coming to reality not just me but I believe