With the accomplishment of a one hundred and twenty year milestone since the establishment of the Kalinago Territory, the Ministry of Kalinago Upliftment continues to press forward with the execution of the Kalinago 120 Initiative.

Initially launched on June 16, 2023, the Kalinago 120 Initiative focuses on sustainability, the economic development of the Kalinago Territory, and building relations with other indigenous communities and organizations.

Chairman of the Kalinago Events Committee, Mr. Prosper Paris, elaborated on the scope of the project.

“We intend to focus on our existence in the form of an evaluation over the 120 years. We will also hold various symposiums to address matters of land management and our natural resources such as coastal erosion, forestry and water resource, agriculture practices for sustainable and commercial enterprise as well as economic development of the Kalinago territory. We plan to engage the Kalinago people, national and regional expert with knowledge and skill in various fields, and the general public through a series of consultations, webinars, seminars and lectures on the above mentioned topics,” Paris stated.

The Kalinago 120 Initiative will take a holistic approach and will also focus on culture, heritage, health, youth, forestry, sustainable development, and health among others topics.

He spoke of the upcoming activities under the project for the next three months.

“In the first three months from July to September we will commemorate the establishment of the territory from July 1st to the 9th with a number of activities. From august 7th to 9th we will observe international day of indigenous people and from September 16th to the 24th we will commemorate Kalinago Memorial Day also known as Kalinago week. We intend to improve the landscape of our people by settling on a date of the establishment of the Kalinago National Day. The finalization of a Kalinago flag, so as to give better pride and general positive recognition of the indigenous people of Dominica and the only indigenous reservation in the entire Eastern Caribbean,” Paris explained.

The first activities of the Kalinago 120 project will commemorate the establishment of the Kalinago Territory on July 4th, with a number of events from July 1st to the 9th.

The activities will commence on July 1st with a hike of the Charles warner trail, leading up to a full moon activity at the Isulukati Falls of the Kalinago Barana Aute and drumming in the evening.

On July 2nd the bearing of the torch relay run will be held, followed by a sports day and hike to the Les Calier Tete Chien and also a book launch of two Kalinago stories on July 3rd.

July 4th is carded as the date for the unveiling of the Kalinago Boundary Rock, land symposium, webinars, and displays of museum exhibits.

July 6th as the day for youth discussions and July 8th as the day for health fair, incorporating traditional practices, and the Touna Aute lime to name a few.

The Kalinago Events Committee has encouraged the public to participate in the Kalinago 120 initiative calendar of activities.