The Kalinago Child Support Foundation Incorporated has taken a resolute stand against child abuse in Dominica with the launch of an extensive child abuse prevention campaign.

The aggressive, high profile initiative will be executed during a three month period from June to September 2023.

The Kalinago Child Support Foundation Inc. was established on August 10th, 2010. It is a nonprofit organization with a mission to alleviate economic and social pressures on indigenous families in Dominica, by creating avenues to promote the awareness of child abuse, providing essential resources and building strong family units within the community.

The campaign will engage primary schools from the eastern district spanning from San-Sauveur to Atkinson. It will involve a series of workshops, seminars and outreach activities and a team of social workers and activists will conduct home/school visits where child abuse prevention recourses will be distributed.

The Kalinago Child Support Foundation aims to debunk the acceptance of child abuse within Dominica and to ensure the safety and protection of every Kalinago child.