Rehabilitation works have begun on the Wotten Waven playing field as the Government of Dominica continues to improve sporting facilities around the island.

The Public Works Corporation in collaboration with the National Authorizing Office of Dominica (NAO) has begun work on the Wotten Waven playing field in an effort to develop sports in the area.

A contract was signed between the NAO and the Public Works Corporation for the rehabilitation of the field, to include leveling, drainage works, and the installation of a cricket pitch.

National authorizing officer, Ms. Carleen Roberts says this project is evidence of government’s commitment to sports development in Dominica. 

“The Public Works Corporation is responsible for the grading, leveling and the installation of the drains. We know that Wotten Waven is a very high rainfall area, so even the size of the pipes used for the drain is significant. Additionally we are installing some solar lights around the perimeter of the field as well for security reasons and to facilitate some playing at night and we are also installing two benches for player comfort and all that will ensure that the EU visibility is ensured. That the government of Dominica and the European Union partnering for sports development and so we really want to commend all players in the government of Dominica for the commitment to sports in Dominica and the European Union obviously for the funding that they have provided in that regard,” Ms. Roberts stated. 

General Manager of the Public Works Corporation, Mr. Titus Francis said the corporation will work to ensure that the project is completed on time.

 “We will endeavor to ensure that we deliver the project according to expectation based on the scope and within the time allotted for that component of the project. I recognize that the Wotten Waven community is going to benefit from it and we give your our guarantee that we will deliver an end product that will be to your expectation and to the community, the development of the community, the social aspect of the development of the community and even sporting. So briefly I want to say thank you to the NAO and my team I expect them to deliver in time and that the end product will meet the expectation of everybody concerned,” he explained.

Sports Coordinator, Mr. Trevor Shillingford thanked the NAO for their support in getting this project underway.

 “We are happy that we have found a good partner in the office of the National Authorizing Office, that’s the NAO in Dominica, who have actually taken the task of proving the funding and also the technical work for getting this project off the ground. So before we move further we need to extend our gratitude to the National Authorizing Office for their commitment to getting this project off the ground and I know it would be worthwhile to give them a round of applause for really coming forward in making this one a reality,” he stated.    

The project is expected to be completed in July 2023.