A new council has been sworn-in to serve on the Atkinson village council.

 Five women were among eight sworn in to serve as the inaugural meeting was held on Wednesday June 7th 2023.

The councilors include Catherine Laurent, Neliscia Louis, Ruth Louis, Muta Matthew, Lyroy Williams, David Graneau, Phillip Rabess and Jernel Sully. Muta Mathew will serve in the capacity of chairperson.

Minister for Finance, Economic development, Climate Resilience and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre called on councilors to honor their oath and to serve the people of their communities well and faithfully.

“Those words should be your motto and guide throughout your term at office. It has been recognized that service to mankind is not easy and it is not going to be smooth sailing for you, but your success will very much be determined by your resolve in the effective and efficient management of difficult situations. You must always remember that no other person has all the ideas and solutions to the problems of the community hence the need for a team approach in dealing with these concerns,” stated Dr. McIntyre.

The Atkinson Village Council was first inaugurated in 1961. Minister for Culture, Youth, Sports and Community Development, Hon. Gretta Roberts congratulated the new team of councilors. She commends them for accepting to build on the foundation set by those who served in the last three years.

“Your success during this term is largely dependent on the level of accountability and transparency that you exhibit in the management of these resources entrusted in your care. Please ensure that you exercise prudence in these community development initiatives put forward by government. So, councilors and residents of Atkinson and Antrizzle lets work together and build a place, a home, a community where every resident can thrive and contribute to the growth of this community,” Minister Roberts urged the councilors.

Establishing a linkage between the Atkinson village council as a local government authority and central government will help promote decentralization and effective communication of community plans. 

 “By entrusting you councilors with decision making powers and allowing you to participate in policy formulation we can enable you to tailor solutions that will suit your specific needs. This decentralization of power promotes citizenship participation, it strengthens democracy and enhances a sense of ownership and responsibility among the local population in the Atkinson community. However, it is important to acknowledge that this linkage is two-way street. Just as local government authorities rely on central government for support and guidance, the central government also depends on local authorities for effective implementation and the execution of policies,” Member of Parliament for the Salybia Constituency, Hon. Cozier Fredrick stated.

Meanwhile, newly sworn-in chairperson, Mrs. Muta Matthew is confident that the council will engage the community in several development plans. In this regard she calls for full support from the people of Atkinson and Antrizzle.

"My community members,” she said “your cooperation is needed to make things happen. My councilors and I are looking forward to having a cordial relationship with our parliamentary representative Honorable Cozier Fredrick and the government of Dominica as we seek to enhance this part of the constituency, Atkinson.”

She reminded the residents on the importance of working together to develop the community in hopes of making it a better place.