Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit has called on non-profit organizations around the world to fulfill the commitments made to Small Island Developing States in times of need.

The remarks came during the launch of the build back equal project this week.

The Prime Minister stated that “One woman who is battered is one woman too many and one has to appreciate the implications of these instances to the wider societies and how productive people are being removed from the economic opportunities in our country and so it requires all of our voices, but our voices must be sincere and consistent. Too many times we have organizations which appear only when there’s an instance of domestic violence or abuse and once this incident subsides then we don’t hear from them. We have to be consistent.”

Prime Minister Skerrit also mentioned the importance of working as one region for the safety of all.

“We have to join forces as a nation and not look at things from a partisan standpoint in order for us to either support or not support because at the end of the day we are all citizens of our region, and we need to ensure that we provide support for all our people irrespective of who they are,” the Prime Minister stated.

He welcomed the support of other governments and called on other regions to exercise transparency when engaging with NGO’S.

 “We welcome the support of the Kenyan government, we welcome the support of the UN (United Nation) agencies but we in the region as citizens must have a more profound resolve n addressing these issues which confront us and it requires consistency, sincerity and transparency in our engagement because for me it is not only an ideological and philosophical pursuit but it is also a biblical responsibility,” he noted.

Prime Minister Skerrit emphasized the need for all women in the region to acquire economic independence in order to combat the rate of domestic violence.

 “We have to seek to reach every one of our citizens within our region and to ensure that they are given an opportunity to live independent dignified lives. We have to ensure economic independence of our women so that the rates of domestic violence could be eradicated,” PM Skerrit added.