Eight councilors have been sworn in to serve on the Paix Bouche/Belle Maniere/ Dos D’ane village council for the next three years on Friday, April 21st 2023.

Natalie Ferrol-Durand, Angelica Elizee Pierre Louis, Alexis George, Andella Toussaint, and Kieshma Toussaint-Williams were sworn in as elected members; while Clasia Charles, Joshua Benjamin Remy and Fallan Walter were sworn in as the nominated members.

Outgoing chairman of the village council Mr. Bryson Williams says being sworn in the height of the covid-19 pandemic posed many challenges to the plans and projects that the outgoing council had for their term. However, he is thankful to those who gave him the opportunity to serve his community.

“Though there were few challenges, their significance played a major part in the performance of the council. The road was surely to a smooth one but being sworn in right in the heat of covid was not very easy to accept and make necessary adjustments. Additionally, the council had to take certain decisions in the best interests of the council and community by extension. I would like to thank those of you who placed your confidence in me and supported me as the chairman, and have the council the push it required at times. The opportunity and experience will be a lasting memory for me. I want to wish the new council all the best and hope that we can continue working together for the development of our communities,” Williams stated.

New Chairman of the Paix Bouche- Dos D’ane Village Council, Mr. Alexis George says the new council is ready for the challenges that they will face as they strive to create better communities.

“You gave me the opportunity part of your council. I have always been a community person, and with great pleasure and optimism I look to continue the vison of a vibrant Paix Bouche – Dos D’ane community. I stand before you in awe of your support to have me as the chairperson of your council. I am absolutely humbled to be addressing you in that capacity. We are all well aware of the challenges that are ahead but it is a mandate that we as a team are willing to undertake wholeheartedly. I am a firm believer that a strong, committed, and hardworking village council will subsequently lead to a better Dominica,” Mr. George noted.

Member of Parliament for the Paix Bouche Constituency, Hon. Lakeyia Joseph assured the newly sworn in council that Government will work with them for their advancement. 

“This Government will certainly continue to support the efforts and initiatives of this village council, and I, as one of the Parliamentary Representatives of the joint council, pledge my full and unwavering commitment to the advancement of these communities,” Hon. Joseph assured the council.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports, and Community Development, Hon. Oscar George congratulated the new council for making themselves available to serve community and country.

“I wish to extend my profound gratitude to those who served on the previous council over the last three years. Your sacrifice and contribution towards the development of your community is deeply appreciated and we commend you for your efforts. I also want to thank the new council for taking up the mantle to serve the community of Paix Bouche in a time when it’s very critical that young people take charge of what is going on in Dominica,” Minister George stated.

Meanwhile, Minister for Finance, Economic Development, Climate Resilience and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Irving McIntyre says serving on the village council gives the councilors an opportunity to make a positive change.

“I extend congratulations to those of you who have been elected after putting yourselves forward for public service to contribute to the development of your community. This is an honourable undertaking, one which places you in a position where you can positively impact lives and bring significant change to Paix Bouche, Belle Manier, Moore Park, Dos D’ane, Terre Platt and Providence. I commend you for taking on the challenge and the awesome responsibility of leadership. I believe that the fundamental goal of council is to maintain a structure to grow and improve local infrastructure and community services. In essence you have been elected to help make people’s lives better,” Dr. McIntyre added.

The Paix Bouche/Belle Maniere/Dos Dane Village Council was inaugurated in 1965.