Dominica will continue to strengthen its relations with the Republic of Ecuador as a new ambassador has been welcomed to the island.  His Excellency Jose Maria Borja Lopez presented his credentials to President of Dominica, his Excellency Charles Savarin on Friday April 14 2023.

Dominica and the Republic of Ecuador established diplomatic relations since 2009 and have since fostered a great friendship.

President of Dominica, His Excellency Charles Savarin stated that he is confident that the relationship between these two countries will continue to flourish. He noted that the relationship will also improve the cooperation with CARICOM member states, the Organization of American states (OAS) and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

“Dominica looks forward to our continued cooperation and collaboration through the sharing of ideas and the strengthening of our commitments to our regional and international communities. Your Excellency, we in Dominica are similar in many ways to Ecuador. We have similar climate and topography; we are tropical, mountainous and volcanic, and blessed with many rivers and heavy rainfall which make us lush and green. Ecuador, however, though one of the smaller states in South America, is more than twice as large as Cuba and larger than Guyana. Although Ecuador is an oil exporting country, much of its electricity is generated through hydro power and has immense, yet untapped geothermal potential,” His Excellency Savarin stated.

Dominica and Ecuador signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on August 14, 2014 to encourage various forms on cooperation in the areas of economic development, trade, science and technology, culture, information and communication technologies, sports and tourism.

“It  is my expectation that during your tenure, these expressed interests will be transformed into active bilateral and regional cooperation, and that the Ecuadorian Government will favorably consider entering into a technical cooperation agreement with the Government of Dominica in area of mutual interest. The potential for cooperation in sectors such as agricultural research, agro forestry, fishing and flower production among other areas of great interest,” the President noted.

His Excellency Savarin added that Dominica looks forward to a growing presence of Ecuador in Dominica and the region.

“Your Excellency, we therefore look forward to the growing presence of Ecuador un the Caribbean Region and to the further strengthening f relationships both bilaterally and multilaterally, in dealing with the challenges confronting Small Island Developing states and coastal states, and more particularly the devastating effects of climate change, COVID-19, rising incidents of crime and violence and the ongoing Russia/Ukraine War, all of which threaten our sustainable growth and development and peaceful way of life,” His Excellency Savarin further stated.

New Ambassador of Ecuador to Dominica His Excellency, Jose Maria Borja Lopez stated that Dominica can count on his commitment to strengthening the partnership between the two countries.

“The two countries have taken important steps to consolidate the friendship but we have many tasks ahead, in order for us to achieve the well-being of our people. Dominica is a beautiful country that attaches great importance to education and sports and cultural development. Visiting Dominica means getting closer to its landscapes, its tropical jungle, its beautiful beaches and waterfalls and above all its wonderful and friendly people. Mr. President, you can count on my commitment to work to strengthen diplomatic relation ad cooperation between Ecuador and Dominica,” Ambassador Lopez stated.

His Excellency, Jose Maria Borja Lopez will be resident in Cuba for the duration of his term as Ambassador of Ecuador to Dominica.