Dominica’s New International Airport which is expected to be completed in four years’ time is expected to be a major game changer and boost for the local private sector.

The Hon Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit told the DAIC recently that members ought to begin planning for the opportunities which will become available to them with quicker access to markets in North America, Europe and Asia for locally manufactured goods.

“New air cargo capabilities will result in greater export of agricultural produce, including perishable goods, to new markets. Dominica will now be well positioned to expand our export of cut flowers and other fresh produce to both regional and international markets. In summary, we can easily conclude that increased reliable service to major markets will be a boost to existing and new businesses at all levels. But how do we fit in as business people? The opportunities that are being created for improved regional and international trade will provide an immediate and automatic gateway for the export of your goods and services.  It will provide direct links to regional and international markets allowing for speedier exchange and increased returns. This will be an opportunity for you to invest, expand and identify new ways to do business, create employment and contribute to economic growth,” PM Skerrit stated.

The Prime Minister noted that with an international airport the opportunities for the local business sector will expand exponentially.

“I am quite certain you have already envisioned the many possibilities. In addition to the increased opportunities for your existing businesses, there will be opportunities to enter into new areas, providing logistical services, maintenance, catering, and engineering. An increase in visitors will support new investments in restaurants, entertainment, hotels, guesthouses and spas. The creation of new streams of business and avenues for revenue generation will result in increased employment with a spill over positive effect on the economy from increased personal and business income, higher spending and greater opportunities for our people. I am sure you don’t need much urging from me to begin to prepare yourselves for new economic reality that a new international airport, along with many investments in a number of other areas, will bring to you the business people in our country. This forum is a good start. Over the next four years I invite you to keep abreast of the developments, but to do more than that. Identify your niche and position yourself to take advantage of the new opportunities,” the Prime Minister noted.

The Prime Minister says Government stands ready and willing to engage the private sector in discussions on ideas to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the construction of the international airport.  

“We stand ready and willing to engage you and to assist with bringing your ideas to life in the best interest of the project and in the best interest of the Dominican people.  One of the greatest benefits to business people, and indeed to the entire country, is the financing model of the international airport. Utilizing the Citizenship by Investment Programme eliminates the need to contract loans and quite possibly bring our debt stock to unsustainable levels. As business people, you know that macro-economic policies of a Government can impact on the way you conduct business, especially in a small country like ours,” PM. Skerrit added.