With a packed calendar of activities, the Ministry of Kalinago Upliftment has officially launched Kalinago Week 2022.

The week of activities will be carried out under the theme ‘Building Resilience through Kalinago Heritage; Pride in People, Strength in Community”, and will run from Monday, September 17 to Saturday September 24.

Minister for Environment, Rural Modernisation and Kalinago Upliftment and Member of Parliament for the Salybia Constituency, Hon. Cozier Frederick says Kalinago week is an avenue to introduce Kalinago culture to the wider Dominican population.

“Kalinago in itself, by our very existence, we are the definition of resilience. So the week of activities that we have proposed over the years, is one that do two things; it is the celebration of our existence and the celebration of all aspects of our heritage, but secondly we are also commemorating a significant event in our history. And as a student of history myself, I am very excited for that piece because it tells a story of a last resistance to the colony project by the Kalinago folks. And so I am a descendant of that people and I am excited that we can bring that initiative to the public and people can appreciate the importance of Kalinago Heritage,” Hon. Frederick stated.

Hon. Frederick encouraged citizens to visit the Kalinago Territory and participate in the various activities while also calling on the Kalinago people to use the opportunity to embrace their culture.

“During the week of September 19th, we have an opportunity as Dominicans to immerse in the culture, to immerse in aspects of community development and in so doing getting a better appreciation of our Kalinago heritage. And within the space itself there is an opportunity for Kalinago braves, Kalinago warriors to honour their strong ancestry. And so within the week we are allowing and we are inviting people into our scared space,” the Salybia MP noted.

The Kalinago Minister noted that he is excited about the range of activities scheduled for the week as these activities will honour the past while keeping an eye towards the future of the Kalinago Heritage.

“I am excited that the week of activities covers a number of areas at the school level and also looking at the elders because while we celebrate the past we have to ensure that there is a smooth transition into the future. And so the Kalinago week is one I want you to imprint on your mind,” Hon. Frederick added.

One of the major events scheduled for the year’s week of activities is the Miss Kalinago show. Five young ladies will vie for the title including Ms. Stasher Lucien, Ms. Adella Florent, Ms. Adicia Burton, Ms. China Tulloch and Ms. Aniska Auguiste. The show will be held at 8 pm on Saturday, September 17 at the Karina Cultural Village.

Other activities include a memorial service for past heroes in the 1930 Kalinago uprising on Sunday, September 18; Kalinago Dress Day, Traditional Smoke Ceremony and Kalinago Award Ceremony on September 19; a Kalinago Language Inter Schools Spelling Bee on September 21;  and a History Day on September 22.

The week will close out with a Market Day and Kalinago Craft and Cuisine Expo on Saturday, September 24.