The Grade Six National Assessment is carded for Thursday June 23 and Friday June 24 and the Ministry of Education is ensuring that all final preparations are in place for the two days.

The students will be tested in four subjects, namely Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Science over the two day period as they get ready to enter secondary school.

The Minister for Education, Human Resource Development, Vocational Training and National Excellence, Hon. Octavia Alfred says over eight hundred students will seat the exam this year. She also explained that the Ministry is taking all the necessary covid-19 precautionary steps to ensure that students are safe during the exams.

“The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence will administer the annual Grade Six National Assessment on Thursday, June 23 and Friday June 24 2022. A total of 854 students will be taking the exams across seventy centres around the island, 417 girls and 437 boys. The exams are set to begin at 7:45 am. The Ministry will continue to observe the covid-19 protocols such as the wearing of masks and sanitization of hands. The Ministry of Education has also made every effort to ensure that students will be seated at least three feet away from each other,” Hon. Alfred explained.

The Minister says that one paper will be done online this year, adding that the students have been given adequate preparation for this new initiative.

“While the exam will follow the same format as in the past, this year one paper, the social sciences paper, will be done in an online format. Students have already been given practices in taking this test and they have done two mock exams test online.  On Thursday, students will take the Language Arts and Social Sciences papers, while on Friday they will take the Mathematics and Science and Technology papers. All papers are in multiple choice format with the Language Arts having an additional written composition paper,” the Education Minister explained.

The Minister says they made the decision to have one exam online due to the performance of the students in that particular subject during the school year. 

Parents have been advised to stay off the compounds for the duration of the exams. The Education Minister also expressed solidarity with two primary schools who have each lost a student who was supposed to sit the exams this year.