Member of Parliament for the Castle Bruce Constituency, Hon Octavia Alfred says Government continues to invest heavily in the development of her constituency.

Minister Alfred says one of the greatest investment in her constituency is the recently commissioned thirteen million dollar regional shelter which will provide a safe space for residents in that part of the island. She spoke of the many projects ongoing in her constituency geared at building resilience.

“In the Castle Bruce constituency only, a 13.5 million three story regional emergency disaster resource centre was commissioned recently. A 1.5 million mini emergency operation centre and warehouse is complete. The Castle Bruce Bay culvert crossing cost 403,000 dollars. Of the 126 million spent on the East Coast Road 47.5 million will be spent in the Castle Bruce constituency. It’s a hard road to travel and we all know that. We understand well that development comes with a cost. We are patient because we understand the hazards and safety risks that this road is going to address,” Hon. Alfred stated.

The Member of Parliament informed that just over one million dollars was spent for the reinstatement of the Good Hope to San Sauveur road.

“This road is being done in phases. There is a phase where you let the road rest and you let the vehicles run on it to ensure that there is no seepage. We discovered that there is another area where we had to put a culvert by doing that and we have done that. Now the road must rest again for a period of time, let vehicle run on the road so we can ensure that there is no seepage before we do the final resurfacing,” the Castle Bruce MP explained.

Work is also being done on feeder roads in the Castle Bruce Constituency. Minister Alfred says over eight hundred and thirty thousand dollars was spent to rehabilitate the Formi Johnsville Road. Repairs are also being done on health centres and water systems in that constituency among other infrastructural developments.

“This is not just a feeder road; it is also an alternative route into Castle Bruce. Repairs were done at the Castle Bruce health centre and work at the cost of a $182,512.30 is presently being undertaken at the San Sauveur health centre. The water system challenge in Castle Bruce is being addressed under the Water Sector Strategic Development Plan at a cost of 10,153,949 dollars. In addition more than 3 million dollars have been spent in the constituency alone for housing. Under the BNTF, a modern resilient community resource centre was built in good hope. Equipment, furniture and appliances included a solar renewable energy system, equipment for search and rescue are all at the centre,” Hon. Alfred added.