Prime Minister Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit and Minister For Foreign Affairs, International Business And Diaspora Relations, Hon. Dr. Kenneth Darroux will represent Dominica at the Ninth Summit of the America’s currently being held in Los Angeles, California this week.

Prime Minister Skerrit says that he will be using his attendance at the summit for three political reasons.

“I am as a result embolden to use this occasion for three broad political purposes. First to make a personal appeal for the invitation, attendance and full participation in this summit of the leaders of every country in our region without exception whether in person or virtually. Second, as a regional leader, I urge that we truly assess the role and value of this summit in addressing the serious challenges faced by the countries and peoples of the Americas. Third I ask that we acknowledge that my first two asks are essential for this gathering to be a serious transformational decision making one which prioritizes the common purpose of the development of our region and the promotion of the dignity of our citizens,” PM Skerrit stated.  

The Prime Minister also used the opportunity to reiterate his call to lift the trade embargo placed on Cuba by the United States of America. He says the exclusion of Cuba jeopardizes the overall outcome of the summit.

“The work and outcome of the summit are as jeopardized and impoverished by exclusions as they by boycotts. The boundaries of politics and geography are artificial because they are highly pervious to disease, to poverty, to the movement of people and goods. True multilateralism shelters and includes everyone, it gives a voice to all and shows respect to all. In that regard given Cuba’s record and history of extraordinary humanitarism, I invite this community of the OAS to join me in calling for an end to the blockade against the Government and people of Cuba and the termination of Cuba’s unjust listing as a state which sponsors terrorism,” the Prime Minister noted.

PM Skerrit added that to see positive results, all must be included in the dialogues on an equal footing.

“As regional leaders we must promote inclusion, justice, common purpose, peace and prosperity in our front and back yards. We must do this through genuine, regional dialogue and cooperative action.  The outcomes of our dialogues can only be meaningful and implementable when decisions are made together with all sitting at the same table and being heard, with all agreeing on the way forward, with all being included. Engagement and dialogue are at the core of the democratic process. We cannot laud the merits of democracy and then refuse to listen to the voices of whom we do not agree,” PM Skerrit noted.

He added that leaders must cooperate if they are to overcome challenges and achieve common goals.

“The intent and spirit of the charter and multilateralism demand that we talk together, share ideas, compare examples of bet practices and identify a way forward. Let us listen to each other so that we may reach understanding and by understanding, find tolerance; and by becoming tolerant we will cooperate and by cooperating we may together arrive at the required solutions to our shared and common challenges and attain our shared and common goals and aspirations,” the Prime Minister added.  

The Ninth Summit of the Americas is an international conference which will run from June 6 to June 10, 2022 under the theme “Building A Sustainable, Resilient, and Equitable Future".