The Orthopedic Department of the Dominica China Friendship Hospital now have more materials to better serve the people of Dominica.

Carib Sand and Stone Limited in coordination with the Rotary Clubs of Fort De France Sud and Dominica, through the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment has donated over euro sixteen thousand ($48,000 EC) worth of orthopedic supplies.

The list of supplies includes insoles, ankle and foot orthoses, night splints, knee braces and supports, hand and wrist splints and brace and shoulder supports and braces.

Managing Director of Carib, Sand and Stone, Mr. Jean-Yves Bonnaire is grateful to have partnered with the rotary clubs to make this donation possible.

“This is what we do. This is something I believe will benefit citizens of Dominica and we are just extremely happy to be a part of it,” Mr. Bonnaire stated.

President of Rotary Club of Dominica, Mr. Grayson Stedman Jr. says he is elated that these supplies can contribute to the service of the Dominica China Friendship Hospital.

“Rotary is all about giving back to the community and this is what Rotary does. There are Rotary clubs throughout the world that join hands and work together to help the less fortunate and so on behalf of the Rotary club we are thankful for this donation,” Mr. Stedman noted.

Representatives of the Rotary Club of Fort de France Sud accompanied the seven pallets of supplies.

“This project is really important for us because it is helping people who need it, and being a part of the rotary clubs in the Caribbean, it is very important for us to here,” Mr. Mathieu Glabik noted.

Supplies Manager in the Ministry of Health, Mr. Tyson Johnson also expressed gratitude on behalf of government for the hearty donation.
“We want to say a profound thanks for this timely donation of orthopedic supplies. I am very sure it will go a long way. So I would like to thank the Carib Sand and Stone Limited in Martinique, the Rotary Club of Fort de France Sud, and the Rotary Club of Dominica for making this happen. I can assure you it will go a very long way and I am very sure that our orthopedic surgeon will put this donation into very good use,” Mr. Johnson added.