The elderly and staff at the Home for the Aged in Portsmouth are pleased to be recipients of care packages. A handing over ceremony to present the supplies was held on Thursday, May 05. This was made possible by the Parliamentary Representative for the Cottage Constituency and Senior Minister Hon. Reginald Austrie in partnership with PDV Caribe.

Member of Parliament for the Cottage Constituency, Hon. Reginald Austrie spoke about the inception of this initiative.

“This initiative started when in all fairness, I got a letter from George who is a member of the board, quite a while ago. And at the time he was asking about the issue of gas as cooking gas was a challenge for the home. So I made representation to Petro Caribe who we know is in that line of business. And so they readily agreed that they would assist,” Hon. Austrie explained.

The donation consists of two, one hundred petro cylinders, food items, basic supplies to include toiletries and cleaning supplies.

“I also have here cleaning detergent, pampers and other supplies here which came from a young lady from Dos Dane who is in the United States. She has been involved quietly behind the scenes making these kinds of contributions and she made this contribution to me for the Home for the Aged and some other institutions and I thought it would be worthwhile to say thank you in a very meaningful way,” Hon. Austrie added.

Representative of PDV Caribe, Tamica Daniel, says this initiative is not a first as it is all part of their commitment to the government.

Apart from this contribution, Petro Caribe also continues to provide monthly cylinders to our centenarians and to persons in need. We also contribute to education, health community development and other sectors. Today we are proud to be part of this presentation as we deliver two 100 pound cylinders in a contribution of some supplies to the organization,” Ms. Daniel noted.

The board and staff of the home for the aged in Grange Portsmouth are grateful for the hearty donation. Representative for the home for the aged, Ms. Milutin Hyacinth has expressed gratitude on behalf of the organization.

“Thank you to Petro Caribe for their timely contribution. I know that Hon. Austrie told you what we need but what we are seeing here is exactly what we are in need of. So thank you petro Caribe and let me say thank you to Mr. Austrie. Thank you for such a great initiative and to your partners for partnering with you to donate on behalf of the home for the aged,” Ms. Hyacinth stated.

In 2021, Government spend one point five million dollars in subventions to improve the living and comfort in fifteen organizations to include the home for the aged. Government has pledged its commitment to these organizations.