A shift in policy with reference to the migration period from the machine readable to an e-passport means Dominicans at home and in the diaspora now have less time to make that transition.

The Commonwealth of Dominica launched its e-passport on the 29th of July, 2021. The new e-passport contains upgraded security features and a microchip for Enhanced security. 

Minister for National Security and Home Affairs the Hon Rayburn Blackmore has announced a review of the original time frame for the migration from the machine readable passport to an e-passport. The transition from the machine readable to E-Passport which would have previously taken two years will now be done within a six month time frame.

 “As a responsible Government, we have taken the decision to amend the transition period; that is to say for the machine readable passports to e-passports from a period of two years to a period of six months commencing January 30th 2022,” Hon. Blackmoore stated.

This means the original end of the transition period which would have been 30th of July 2023, has been changed to 31st. of August 2022.

Mister Blackmoore says there is no need to panic as measures are being taken to provide the public with the necessary guidance during the upcoming months.

“Additional space has been created at the immigration and passport office in Roseau and that is done for the precise reason to ensure that additional staff and additional equipment that will enable quicker processing of applications. I want to also give the public the assurance and confidence that a shift system will be put in place to ensure that there are no delays in passport issuance,” the Minister explained.

Two mobile kits are already available with the capacity for recognition and data capture from any location. This will help immigration officers decentralize their efforts and speed up passport registration.

 “These mobile kits will be deployed within the Commonwealth of Dominica. The major communities will be targeted and people from surrounding communities can therefore take advantage of these registration days and locations. It means that everyone will not have to travel to Roseau to complete their registration or to hand in their applications for a new e-passport,” Hon. Blackmoore added.