The distribution of electronic devices continued over the weekend in the Vieille Case Constituency as students from the Baroness Patricia Scotland Primary School, the Penville Primary and the Thibaud Primary School all received their own devices.

The ceremony was held on Saturday, October 30 2021 in Vieille Case as a direct response to the challenges faced this school year, as a spike Covid-19 cases has reverted classes to an online platform.

Minister for Telecommunications and Broadcasting, Hon. Oscar George stated that the Government of Dominica continues to prioritize education because the children are the future of their communities and their countries.

“It’s always a pleasure for me to speak to young students and I say that because when I look at the students sitting here, I see the future of not only Vieille Case and the constituency, but I see the future of Dominica. I see future doctors, I see future engineers, future ICT men and women, future business women, and is because of this, we have decided to put education at the forefront of all what we do as part of the Government. Because we believe that at this young age at the primary school level our students are able to develop their innovative skills and develop all the knowledge that they require to move on in life,” Hon. George stated.

Meanwhile, Minister for Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence, Hon. Octavia Alfred shared her joy with the students, parents and teachers, noting that these devices will ensure that all students are on a level playing field.

“I am happy for you the students of Penville, Thibaud, and Vieille Case that you are receiving a device so that you can catch up with the rest of your classmates. I am also happy for your parents who are now able to rest assured that you all are going to be able to keep up with your class. I am also happy for your teachers were doing their best in ensuring that you were engaged,” Hon. Alfred noted.

She went on to commend the teachers for their work during the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic has imposed on the education sector.

“Online learning is a challenge and so I want to thank the principals and teachers of all three schools for the effort that you have made to ensure that all your students were engaged during this time. I want our teachers to know that their efforts will not go unnoticed, “the Education Minister added.

Prime Minister of Dominica, and Member of Parliament for the Vieille Case Constituency, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit stated that every child in school in his constituency will receive a device.

He encouraged students and parents to not take these initiatives for granted.

“This Government and this Dominica Labour Party can be considered the education party in Dominica, creating access for so many people. And it is important that we continue not to take these things for granted because the reality is that they were never here before,” PM Skerrit stated.

He went on to state that his Labour Party Administration has created access to education for every student as well as the means to take advantage of the opportunities.

“And we have not only created access to education; because you can create access and people may not have the means to take advantage of the access; but we have provided students with the means, with uniforms, with books, with stationery and with every child within this constituency and Dominica with free transportation to and from school.  So we will continue to work with you. This is my vocation, this is my commitment for our children because I want every single child to excel, I want every single child to do well, because I view very single child in this constituency and Dominic and by extension to be my own children and I take that responsibility very importantly,” Prime Minister Skerrit added.

So far numerous schools around Dominica has received devices including the La Plain Primary, San Sauveur Primary, Grand Bay Primary, Tete Morne Primary, Roseau Primary, Goodwill Primary and the Atkinson, Salybia, Sineku and Concord Primary schools.