Thirty-four public officers and five members of public service employee organizations have participated in a capacity building series as Government continues the reclassification of the public service.

The capacity building series ran from July 21 to July 30 and on September 2 and 3, 2021, and targeted middle and senior level public officers.

The participants were trained to provide technical support services in the areas of human resource audit, work force analysis, job analysis and job description writing and review, job evaluation and designing and delivering small group learning.

The public officers experienced a complete capacity building series training as part of the ongoing organizational review and reclassification exercise for the public service.

Minister for Governance, Public Service Reform, Citizen Empowerment, Social Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs, Hon. Gretta Roberts stated that, “the transformation and modernization of the public service has been clearly articulated as a priority of the Government of Dominica.”

“In the 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 Budget Addresses several measures targeting improvements in the public services has been announced. This includes the organizational review and reclassification exercise, restructuring of the teaching and nursing services, the digital transformation project and the service delivery improvement project. These critical interventions and initiatives are all expected to result in a public service which is more agile, responsive and resilient,” Hon. Roberts noted.

Minister Roberts stated that citizens should embrace the Organizational Review and Reclassification (ORR) as a major instrumental change in improving the work life and professionalism of public officers.

“This capacity building is such an important component of this project. I encourage each of you who are here and who have completed this exercise to commit yourselves to diligently applying the skills you have gained in your Ministry, in your department or whatever opportunity which may present itself.  You are now intricately a part of a massive undertaking of transformation of our public service and we need your skills and your voice to realize this vision for change,” Minister Roberts noted.

The Government of Dominica contracted CARICAD in November 2020 to undertake a comprehensive organizational review of the public service. The consultancy is scheduled to end in February 2022. 

Minister Roberts expressed her gratitude to the CARICAD team of consultants, who in spite of the challenges brought about by the pandemic, continued to persevere and work closely with the Government to ensure the successful implementation of this consultancy.

“We here are eager and ready to build our internal capacity in such vital areas so that we are able to design and direct our public sector transformation efforts even more as the future unfolds,” Hon. Roberts added.