Coordinator of the Home Quarantine Programme Dr. Gilda Nesty-Tonge has called on the unvaccinated youth to protect themselves, their family; and especially the elderly, against the covid-19 virus by getting vaccinated.

“We continue to witness the consequences of the poor decisions made by our unvaccinated youth. It is also evident by the vast number of elder patients currently admitted to the Covid-19 quarantine facilities. We continue to witness the effects of those who insist on not adhering to the protocols of the Ministry of Health. The threat of difficult ramifications is most certainly real. The further reality is the freedom we enjoy or once enjoyed are not available to us at this time. Besides practicing all necessary covid-19 recommendations, one must keep in mind that one of our greatest weapons is indeed the Covid-19 vaccine,” Dr. Nesty-Tonge stated.

Dr. Nesty encouraged individuals who are skeptical about taking the vaccine to seek professional advice from a medical provider.

“While becoming vaccinated is not mandatory, unvaccinated persons still do not have the right to risk the safety of the health care system, our personal lives or the lives of the most vulnerable. For those of you with valid fears or concerns, engage your doctors and seek their counsel. Allow us to better assist you in putting an end to your concerns and ultimately the pandemic,” she noted.

Dr. Nesty also called on individuals who may be experiencing flu like symptoms to