As Dominica and the rest of the Caribbean begins to get back to business Minister for Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives Hon. Denise Charles says, dominica has launched several new initiatives to restore tourism on the island.  Initiatives such as Work in Nature, Bucket List and Safe in Nature have been the buoys by which Dominica’s tourism sector has thrived despite the pandemic.

Dominica like the rest of the world has been racing to slow the spread of the disease by testing and treating patients, carrying out contact tracing, limiting travel, quarantining citizens, and cancelling large gatherings such as sporting events, concerts, and schools.

Addressing a Caribbean Tourism Organization press briefing on September 15, 2021, Minister Charles says to date, about fifty percent of Dominica’s adult population has been fully or partially vaccinated against the virus through the Ministry of Health’s aggressive vaccination campaign.

She explained that like everywhere else, Dominica has been actively managing the pandemic to minimize its negative effects on citizens and visitors alike.

“We have developed, and are continually reviewing, our protocols as health and safety of all is our top priority. To date about fifty percent of our target population have received one or more vaccines and the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment has ramped up its vaccination campaign to increase our vaccination numbers,” Hon. Charles stated.  

Dominica has managed the spread of the virus well thus far earning several accolades inclusive of the safe travels seal by the World Travel & Tourism Council.

The Tourism Minister states, travelers to Dominica can rest assured of the island’s highest regard for health and safety. She explained that the Government’s effective management of the pandemic and the Safe in Nature managed experience earned Dominica the accolades inclusive of the Safe Travel Seal by the World Travel Tourism Council.

Hon. Charles noted that travelers to Dominica can rest assured of the Government’s highest regard for their health and safety even while the visitors enjoy the nature, culture and adventure of Dominica.

“We are also on the UK’s green list for quarantine free travel upon returning to the United Kingdom. To keep travelers updated with health protocols, we have established a Tourism Customer Service Concierge Unit. Services offered by the Unit includes responses to general inquires, providing information on current health protocols, and safety entry requirements, and facilitating appointment for covid-19 testing,” the Tourism Minister explained.

Travel to Dominica has been made easy as the island has finally established direct flights from US Mainland to the Nature Isle. The Minister added Dominica is currently exploring new avenues for travel to the island.

As the ongoing pandemic brought cruise seasons to a halt, Dominica’s efforts to reopen the cruise season faced its challenges however, Dominica resumed cruise activities on July 27, 2021 after taking on a regional approach.

This cruise season, Dominica expects over two hundred cruise calls through the end of July 2022. Thirteen cruise ships are expected to make their inaugural calls to the island during the 2021/2022 cruise season.