The construction of a multi-purpose court in Bath Estate is nearing an end.

When completed, residents of Bath Estate will be able to play numerous sporting disciplines including basketball, netball and volleyball.

The cost for the project will be in the region of three hundred and thirty six thousand dollars, with the first phase costing about a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars.

Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency Hon. Chekira Lockhart-Hypolite stated that the court will generate revenue and help provide a source of income for residents of the area.

“I think they welcome the project and I believe that it will also create an avenue for economic activities for the people of Bath Estate, because Bath Estate has a lot of vendors and micro businesses so when we have netball games and when covid is over regional games can be held here and that will augur very well for the community of Bath Estate,” Minister Hypolite noted.

Employee on the project, Mr. Ronald Letang stated that the court will provide an opportunity for the youth of the community to enhance their skills in their respective sporting disciplines.

“It will help the youth to enhance their skills in basketball, the young men and the young ladies because we always hear about the young ladies being left out in sporting activities. We already have the netball courts in the stadium so having the netball courts up here will help the young ladies improve their skills as well. So, everybody will get a chance to enhance their skills and get better at their skills,” he explained.

Mr. Letang went on to say that a lot of money has been spent to build this multi-purpose court, going on to encourage the youth to make use of the investment.

“I am seeing the figures when it comes to the purchasing the materials to resurface the court and get equipment and a lot of money is being spent. So I hope it won’t be a waste of money and I hope the youth spends quality time playing on the court, enjoying themselves and staying away from bad habits and things of that nature” Mr. Letang added.

The development of sports remains a priority as sports facilities in communities across the island are being rehabilitated to better assist in the growth of community sports.