The Government of Dominica is committed to ensuring the safety of citizens. Minister for National Security and Home Affairs, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore, informed that on Monday the sixth and Tuesday the seventh of September, fifty-three police recruits, fourteen females and thirty-nine males took the oath of office and will undergo six months training.

“The active requirement of new police officers that is currently ongoing is in keeping with Government’s policy decision to increase the police establishment from 500 police officers to 600 police officers. I must add that increasing man power is not simply about increasing numbers nor is it about proceeding with business as usual. Therefore this drive is cemented by the role of the police to protect and serve the people of Dominica and too increase capacity and skill within the police force,” Hon. Blackmoore.

Minister Blackmoore says in order to execute the mandate to protect and serve, police officers need to be more visible and vigilant in the communities.

“Over the years, your Government through the Ministry of National Security and Home Affairs has intensified efforts to build a robust community policing platform, increase police capacity and to provide the police service with as many resources as possible. Therefore there is a reasonable expectation for the Government that an increase in manpower will ultimately give rise to a greater police presence on the streets, and more efficient police response time and more visible and vigilant police presence and more efficient service to the public,” Hon. Blackmoore added.