Two hundred and ninety nine students are now moving on to the next chapter in their lives. The nineteenth commencement ceremony for the Dominica State College was celebrated in grand style on Thursday July 22 at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium.

This commencement ceremony marks the successful completion of over six thousand students since the inception of the Dominica State College.

Minister for Public Works and the Digital Economy, Hon. Cassanni Laville delivered the featured address to the graduating class of 2021. Minister Laville called on students to enjoy their journey to success.

“Dream for life changing outcomes and spectacular moments but chase your dreams enjoying the process completely and thoroughly because you spend more time in the process than in the moment. Human nature causes us to judge sometimes. We frequently romanticize success and choose our heroes based on traditional and conventional paths or even what we sometimes perceive,” Hon. Laville stated.

Minister Laville says though his journey has been quite rewarding, it has never been easy. He went on to share his experience to success with the graduating class. He encouraged students to clean their shoes every morning before they head out to chase their dreams.

“You won’t make them new again but you get to see all the marks, the dust, the scratches and creases, the impressions of every step that you have made. Never for one moment be anguished by your missteps   as these are the moments that should teach the best lessons. The moments that tell us how to step differently today. So wipe the dust. Put shine on your shoes and herald to the world that you are ready for a new day; to stride with knowledge of your past in preparation for your future. Never be ashamed of your shoes. It doesn’t matter if it is a vapormax, slippers or even used shoes. This is your circumstance, it is your reality,” the Minister noted.

Eighteen year old, Mr. Khahill-Akil Richards was the valedictorian of the DSC 2021 graduating class. Mr. Richards spoke to the challenges he and his fellow graduates faced at the Dominica State College.

“It was JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potters series that was quoted saying ‘You will never truly know yourself or the strength of your relationships until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift.’ We have been tried and tested and indeed continue to show, even now, we are powerful beyond measure. One of my favorite artists, Jermaine Cole better known a J-Cole has been quoted a saying ‘Never give up until you have given out all your very best. It is better to fail trying than wondering what would have happened if you tried. I have learned throughout my tenure at DSC is that adversity makes you stronger, that staying with the fight increases fortitude, and that diligent consistent effort has success as its reward,” Mr. Richards stated.

President of the Dominica State College, Dr. Donald Peters encourages graduates to exercise patience throughout their journey. He made these remarks during his charge to the students.

“Never stop learning. Set a goal for yourself and no matter how challenging that goal is never give up your dream.  Explore the digital economy, work online or learn to make products and sell it on the worldwide web. You can make a difference by utilizing the scientific analytical skills that you learnt here to help people understand the issues and find meaningful and objective solutions to those hassles and challenges. I know you can do that,” Dr. Peters noted.

Over seventy students achieved honors in their respective programmes.

Awards were given to top students in their respective faculties, male and female sports personalities of the year the valedictorian award, club of the year, service learning award amongst others. Students were also recognized for their volunteerism, leadership and community spirit.

The Dominica State College continues to provide leadership in the delivery of high quality education in an environment conducive to lifelong learning.

GIS News takes the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Khahill-Akil Richards, son of one of our camera operators, Anthony Richards on his achievement as the DSC’s 2021 valedictorian.