The Berekua Bypass Project in Grand Bay has been completed as Government continues to build resilient communities.  

The project, which was completed within five months is part of Government’s efforts to safeguard its people through the hurricane season.

The project was built at a cost of over two million EC dollars and included construction of a twelve metre box culvert, an upper wing wall, lower wing wall, upper drain channel, lower drain channel, rigid pavement, slipper drains and river dredging both upstream and downstream.

Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Bay constituency, Hon. Edward Registe stated that the Berekua bypass project came after the area suffered major damages to include landslides and flooding during the passage of Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Hon. Registe expressed his satisfaction with quality of the project which was done by a local contractor

“I am very much satisfied with the results of the project. It was done by a local contractor, Mr. Shane Alexander and I think it is one of his best work ever. Quite a few people were employed there and right now I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish together,” he stated.

The MP explained that this project is expected to mitigate against flooding in the area, a problem they have faced for many years.

“I believe that this project is going to help us with our anti-flooding efforts. There are a few homes that are practically built in the ravine and so with an easier flow it is going to really avoid some of these houses although we intend to relocate some of the residents when we build new apartments. But for now, that’s where they are and so this is going to mitigate against major flooding in the area,” Hon. Registe noted.

Resident of Berekua Grand Bay, Mr. Curtis Angol stated that this new bypass is appreciated by residents of the area.

 “I born and raise in this area Berekua Grand Bay. It looking better now, before two transports could not pass there. It looking better than how it was before. During hurricane season, no transport could pass. The road self was like a little track and right now it wide and nice and it looking better than what it was. I like the area. Everybody praising the project the Government do. We have good sidewalks, we have lighting and everybody appreciates what the Government do,” Mr. Angol noted.

The Berekua by-pass and other road infrastructural projects are significant towards Government’s move to climate resiliency and their continued efforts to safeguard its people.