With a mandate to improve health care and boost medical services in Dominica, the Government continues to build and rehabilitate medical facilities around the island.

As part of this mandate, the people of Marigot will soon enjoy services from the newly build Marigot hospital which is nearing the end of its construction.

The 40,000 square feet two-floor hospital will have a 75-bed capacity, as well as a wide range of essential services and modern state-of-the-art facilities.

Services to be provided by the New Marigot Hospital will include Ambulatory Services, Emergency Care, Intensive Care (ICU), Maternity and Pediatric Care, Laboratory and Radiology Services and Trauma Centre.

“I really welcome this facility and of course I am very impressed with the number of people who were able to gain employment throughout the project. So far, we had just about 90 and out of that 9 we have about 68 people who are local, people from the area and were able to get employed as a result of this project,” stated Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Planning, Hon. Gregory Riviere

Hon. Riviere went on to praise the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CBI), through which funds for the hospital were sourced. He noted that the CBI was the only sure option for funds during this pandemic.

“I would really want to encourage the people from Marigot and the North East to embrace the facility. this is our facility. we also want to thank God for the CBI programme. Of course, there is no way that we would be able to get a loan to build this facility, not in this covid-environment; and grants are not always forthcoming, because every country is trying to keep what little they have, and we cannot rely on taxes because in this covid environment we have seen a dramatic decrease in our tax revenues. So, the CBI is a very, very good instrument that we can use to finance those capital projects,” the Minister explained. 

He went on to say that he hopes that “The service comes from this facility, I would really hope that it is of top class,” going on to add “the nurses and the doctors and the other health professionals who are going to operate in this facility, we are hoping that they will bring a certain sense of care and love to those who they are going to dispel these services to.”

He then thanked Montreal Management Consultants Establishment (MMCE) and all those involved in the construction of the hospital.

“And I want to thank of course in a very special way MMCE for partnering with Dominica as the developer to pursue this programme. And of course, Rayneau, who has been very diligent and very efficient. We can see the quality of the work and it is very, very high quality, so we want to say thank you.  And to all those who continue to work to ensure that we have an excellent product at the end of the day,” Minister Riviere further stated.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Planning, Resilience and Sustainable Development, Telecommunications and Broadcasting Mrs. Gloria Joseph stated that she is impressed with the quality of the work presented.

“What has captured my attention added to what has already been shared before is the quality of the construction and I speak to what seems to be an extremely resilient structure, and I think should be able to withstand any category of wind and withstand even seismic activity. I feel confident that we have a totally modern resilient infrastructure here in Marigot and something that all of us can be proud about and more so the people of Marigot and the surrounding communities should be excited that this yours. and you have to own it, you have to love it, you have to protect it, you have to be proud of it,” she noted.

Policy Analyst within the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Planning, Resilience and Sustainable Development, Telecommunications and Broadcasting, Mr. Alvin Bernard explained that the construction of this hospital in addition to the other medical facilities being built around the island is indicative of a bright future for health care in Dominica.

“With the addition of this hospital to the health centre and the other health centres already built and those to be built, I think the future of health care in Dominica looks very bright and it is fantastic. and I am very impressed with the facility here. it’s a resilient facility and it is beautiful. I was particularly impressed with the organization of the space because that is very important in any project and in any facility, that is the way in which the amenities are connected and how the services would flow effectively and efficiently throughout this space here and it is very well organized. Apparently just about everything has been thought of and it looks like this will make this area of Dominica, more or less self-sufficient,” Mr. Bernard noted highlighted.

Meantime, Marigot resident Mrs. Christine Gordon says that this hospital was needed in her community, noting that “I think we should give God thanks for this facility, this building. And the other people to give thanks to is the Government and the people who are building this hospital. We really needed this you know.”