The resumption of cruise activities in Dominica is quickly approaching with only a few weeks left. A vaccination drive for tourism stakeholders was held at the Bayfront office Tuesday, May 18 and an eight session professional development workshop for craft and souvenir vendors which commenced on May 07 will comes to an end on Friday May 27, all in an effort to better prepare for the cruise ships return to Dominica.

Minister for Tourism, International Transport and Maritime Initiatives, Hon. Denise Charles says vaccination remains a critical aspect in order to move towards some sort of normalcy in Dominica.

“As we move forward to accepting that covid is going to be with us; we do not know for how long; if all of us get vaccinated that will make a big difference in having more relaxed protocols, more people can come in to enjoy our country,” Minister Charles stated.

Minister Charles says individuals can get vaccinated at any type three clinic.

“Let me make it known that you can walk into any Type 3 clinic on any day and even at certain type 2 clinics it’s available. So we do not necessarily have to wait for any major campaign to go and get vaccinated. I think we should realize by know that vaccination is key to restarting tourism. And many families lives are dependent on tourism,” the Minister noted.

Minister Charles says the decision to re-open Dominica’s tourism season was based on the results of Government’s management of the covid-19 pandemic.

“We have proven that we always put the health and safety of our citizens as a priority.  So to allow cruise ships to return is because we believe that we are in a position that we can allow visitors to come to our shores right now because we have it under control. We are putting the systems in place, we have made the necessary upgrades, and as I said the focus is to have ‘Safe in Nature’ tours, we have protocols, we have trained our stakeholders, we have trained our tour operators and we are encouraging more people to have more contact less transactions. As much as possible, if people can offer their products and services online or via apps it will assist in that process. So anybody partaking in tourism activities this season, they have to ‘Safe in Nature’ certified. So with all the things we have put in place, with how well we have performed, I think that we are in the position to welcome cruise visitors back to our shores,” Hon. Charles added.

Over fifty percent of tourism stakeholders have already been vaccinated.