Eight hundred and ninety students, including 433 girls and 457 boys, will sit the 2021 Grade 6 National Assessment on Thursday, May 27 and Friday May 28.

Minister for Education, Human Resource Planning, Vocational Training and National Excellence, Hon. Octavia Alfred stated that the exams will revert to its original format.

“We are using 65 centres around the island. We continue to follow the health protocols as it relates to covid. The difference is last year we were 6 feet apart and this year we are 3 feet apart and we will not require the student to wear their masks while they are doing their exams. But as for the sanitizing and the hygiene part, that we will be keeping. We also went back to our original format that the exams were done before covid. So we will have four exams over a two day period,” Hon. Alfred stated.  

She encouraged parents to not loiter around the examination compound after drop off.

 “We know sometimes that parents are more nervous than the students. But we ask that when you drop your students to the centre, say goodbye normally and leave. We would want anybody who is not involved in their assessment to be loitering around the compound or the centre where the assessments are being done,” Hon. Alfred noted.

Minister Alfred added that students should be adequately prepared going into the examination room.

“We also say to our students, if you have done everything that you were asked to do, then you are ready for the assessment. The Grade Six National Assessment is a Grades 4, 5 and 6 review so if you have been performing well you should not be nervous. Go there and follow all your exam taking strategies, read your questions well and read them twice. Take your time and do your exam,” Hon. Alfred added.