The digitization of Government processes is quickly becoming a reality as government is set to digitize health processes through a national health management information system. 

Minister for Public Works and the Digital Economy Hon. Cassani Laville explains, this system will compile and manage patient information making it accessible across major health care facilities on the island.

“Another major activity under the Caribbean Digital Transformation Project is the development and implementation of the National Health Management Information System.  The system will collect, store, manage and transmit patients electronic medical records to support healthcare decisions. For instance if a patient at the Portsmouth Hospital is transported to the Dominica China Friendship Hospital, the records of that patient will be available electronically  at the DCFH ahead of the patients arrival, thus making faster and more efficient for health care service and treatment of that patient,” Hon. Laville added.

According to Minister Laville, the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) has already engaged stakeholders on the completion of this project.

“The PIU has already engaged stakeholders such as the New Hospital Authority and the Management of the Ministry of Health, Wellness and New Health Investment.” the Minister added.