The Government of Dominica has hosted a community consultation in Good hope as plans move forward for the reinstatement of the Good Hope Road Project.

A contract signing for the commencement of the project was held on Thursday April 8, 2021.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit the road is evidence of Government’s commitment to Good Hope and the entire Castle Bruce constituency.

Leadership calls for dedication, it calls for commitment; it calls for compassion; it calls for love; it calls for hard work and in the Labour Party we know what hard work is. We know what dealing with adversity is and we know what overcoming adversity is. And we are in full force to let you know in this constituency that Hon. Octavia Alfred has the absolute backing of the entire cabinet and that we are with her in this constituency to ensure that she can continue to make her contribution to the development of this constituency and of course the development of Dominica,” the Prime Minister stated.

Member of Parliament for the Castle Bruce Constituency Hon. Octavia Alfred explained that this road project will improve access to the village which will then benefit all sectors of the community.  

“The reinstatement of this road will create employment and income generating opportunities. This road will improve access to facilities and services. While we are getting ready to build additional classrooms at the Castle Bruce Secondary School, f our students can’t get their safely and on time, this is useless to them. While works are ongoing at the San Sauveur Health Centre to upgrade our health service there, if the people cannot get there to make use of this services then this is useless to them. The road means reduced travel time and yes, the farmers who work close to this area will take much less time to get their produce out, therefore the opportunity for more commercial farming activities,” the MP explained.

Minister for Public Works and the Digital Economy Hon. Cassanni Laville noted that this major project is part of the Labour Party Administration ongoing mandate to build resilient infrastructure.

“I am also truly excited to let you know that we will not leave you with just a road but we will certainly leave you with a well-lit road. We will continue with our mandate to build resilient infrastructure. We will continue to create linkages buy building roads and bridges and maintaining that infrastructure,” the Public Works Minister added.


Meanwhile, the Government continues to make significant investments in other parts of the Castle Bruce Constituency.

Currently, work is progressing smoothly on the construction of a sixteen million dollar regional emergency shelter in Castle Bruce.

 “Things are progressing well. I think we were falling back but we are caching up now. The men are doing very good work and working overtime. This is a shelter the whole area is looking forward too as it will serve not just Castle Bruce but the Kalinago Territory as well. It will also serve for community activities,” Hon. Alfred stated.

The Government has also partnered with the Basic Needs Trust Fund to construct a slaughter house and two greenhouses at the Castle Bruce Secondary School at a cost of $632,217. The MP noted that this project has been long awaited and is expected to boost the schools food production programme.

“This is something we have been waiting for, for a long time even before Tropical Storm Erika. And I am happy that even if it came when I am no longer the school principal, it was an idea that we know can generate a lot of interest in the food preparation and food production programme at the school. Our hope is that CBSS has enough land that we would be able to supply our kitchen with everything our students eat as we move towards being healthier and giving our students more of an awareness on healthy eating and healthy stress management,” the Education Minister noted.

The project is expected to also benefit the community upon completion.  

An $850,000 emergency operations centre is being built to assist in reducing the vulnerability of the area. The facility is expected to be completed by July 2021.

“We had this research done by CREAD and CREAD is placing Good Hope as number four most vulnerable village out of ten and Petite Soufriere and San Sauveur at number three. So what that means is that they are very vulnerable to landslides and water damage during any storm or hurricane. And this is why the ODM is placing this store room here. We are close to the field so if a helicopter brings resources then we can transport it to there. But outside of disasters, there will always have supplies that will last us for at least two weeks,” The Minister added.