The Government of Dominica continues to heavily invest in the Tourism Sector with the construction of numerous hotels and resorts in an effort to develop the accommodation stock.

Both the pre and post construction of these accommodation facilities are also expected to increase employment around the country both temporarily and permanently. 

Currently, the Anichi Resort located in Picard Portsmouth, Tranquility Beach Dominica in Salisbury, Jungle Bay Resort and Spa in Soufriere and Secret Bay Residencies located in Ti-Bay Portsmouth are all under construction in Dominica.

Meanwhile construction is also ongoing on private investment projects such as Villa Copthall in Copthall, Coulibri Ridge Resort in Soufriere, and the Fort Young Hotel in Roseau. These private investment properties are being built at a total cost of 76 million dollars.  

Upon completion of these private projects, one hundred and seventeen citizens are expected to benefit from direct employment.  

The Sanctuary Rainforest Eco Resort and Spa in Laudat, Cotton Hill Flats located in Portsmouth and Timbo’s Downtown and Timbo’s Seaside are a few hotels and resorts are expected to begin soon, as they have already been announced by the Government. Construction is expected to begin as early as June 2021.

According to the Minister for Tourism, international transport and Maritime Initiatives, Hon. Denise Charles, “The construction of these seven new hotels and resorts in Dominica is expected to result in total investment of approximately 950 million E.C dollars, create 470 construction jobs and create 791 permanent jobs during operations of these accommodations.”

Hon. Charles stated that the resulting jobs from these projects will span over a variety of sectors.  

“An important activity which directly impacts growth and employment is the construction of accommodation facilities. These large construction projects have the potential of creating short term jobs during construction for various skillsets and levels. Upon completion long term employment is created for staffing these facilities in various fields. This is where Dominicans benefit the most as the livelihoods of so many are positively impacted,” the Tourism Minister noted.

She explained that these projects will also create indirect benefits for many citizens.

“Accommodation construction also has tremendous effects in terms of the increase in demands for goods and services. These benefits accrue to farmers, fisher folk, art and crafts vendors as well as utility service providers. These are just the direct linkages but the indirect supply chain’s benefit are numerous,” Minister Charles added.

The Minister went on to say that that “Dominica has exciting days ahead” adding that “all these new properties have taken tourism in Dominica to the next level.

She then encouraged citizens to get vaccinated to restart the tourism sector.

“Let us heed the call to get vaccination, so we can get thee resorts filled with people,” Hon. Charles added.