The 1.4 million dollar Massacre Multi-Purpose Indoor Sports Complex, aimed at encouraging sports involvement among the youth is nearing completion.

Minister for Sports, Culture and Community Development, Hon. Roselyn Paul explained that the project is expected to be completed by April 2021.

“We are here at the Massacre hard-court of which the building itself is almost 95 percent complete and for general works on the project we are about 80 percent complete. We have to install the lights, we have to install the flooring but all of these, including the bleachers, are right here on island so we will expect the complete project by April of this year for use by the public,” Hon. Paul stated.

Member of Parliament for the Mahaut Constituency, Hon. Rayburn Blackmoore noted that the facility is another example of Government’s commitment to the development of citizens.

“The Government is once again demonstrating its interest in people. We could have just halted construction on facility after Hurricane Maria and justifiably so, but we know the importance of sports for the wholesome development of our young people. We know that one of the most creative ways to dissipate energy is through sports so I am very much elated for that,” the MP went on to say.

The construction of the multi-purpose sports facility will enable the hosting of games despite the weather conditions.

“This multi-purpose hard-court will provide an all-weather facility that our sports people would be able to use to partake in their sporting activities. We know that with the type of climate that we live in, very often sporting activities are affected by the weather, mainly by downpour as a result of rain. So with this covered facility, it will provide an opportunity for our sports persons, our athletes, to train even when the conditions are not favorable on the outside,” Sports Coordinator Mr. Trevor Shillingford noted.