A plant nursery has been been built in the community of Delices

Member of Parliament for the La Plaine Constituency, Honourable Kent Edwards says the nursery was implemented after the passage of Hurricane Maria which devastated most of Dominica’s plants.

“We know Hurricane Maria decimated our forests, it decimated most of our plants and the Government saw it fit, through the Forestry Division, to establish a nursery in certain regions of the country to rehabilitate our forests and to replant what was damaged. We have several seedlings here of various plants that were destroyed and we are beginning now to see the fruits of that,” Minister Edwards explained.

The nursery has a large variety of crops and plants which includes, bay leaf, palm trees and cinnamon amongst others.

“There are sour-sop trees, palms, bay-leaf, cinnamon and cocoa plants. And people from all over Dominica can access plants here for them to rebuild the forest and to plant some cash crops,” Honourable Edwards noted.