The Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) and the Dominica Association Of Industry And Commerce (DAIC) in collaboration with the Caribbean Export Partnership hosted their annual strictly local virtual exhibition on the 17th and 18th of November, 2020.

The event was aimed at promoting Dominica’s manufacturing sector.

Soap Manufacturers DCP Successors and ECLAT Nova Luxuries; Layou Park Nature Farms, known for their moringa powder products; hair and beauty company Jaydee’s Naturals; Live Your Nature, makers of beeswax infused products and Jolly’s Manufacturing, The Dominica Association of Arts And Crafts Producers (DACPA) all participated in the event.

DEXIA’s Public Relations Officer Aeyola George says despite the covid-19 pandemic; DEXIA was able to stage the annual event.

The event, which is usually during the Christmas season and held at the Roseau Market, is aimed at people gifting their loved ones with something handmade in Dominica.

This year with the virtual exhibition people could order local products and have then shipped worldwide.

“We are also trying to find alternative ways to help our clients, especially those of them who are export ready, to promote their products, promote their goods, and promote their services.  An opportunity came through the regional organization, Caribbean Export, and they are hosting what they call ‘The Absolutely Caribbean Virtual Expo.’ It’s essentially an expo much like what we would have had with ‘Strictly Local’ except that it’s being done in the virtual sphere,” Ms. George stated.

Ms. George says covid-19 presented the opportunity for innovation and diversification in the manufacturing sector.

“This virtual expo has come about because of the obvious effects of covid-19, leaving a lot of companies to go online, DEXIA and the DAIC are also in tune with what is happening in the business environment right now. And so with a lot of operations being digitized, it’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to see what the benefits are of going online themselves. It’s one thing to hear about something but to actually do it is a whole other thing. So we believe that this virtual expo will not only help to show local entrepreneurs what being online and being digital is all about but it is also a great opportunity for networking,” Ms. George added.