Salary Negotiations on Hold

Wage and salary negotiations for public servants for the period 2010 /2011 and 2011 / 2012 are currently on hold as Government awaits the outcome of a Human Resource Consultancy and Job Evaluation Exercise. According to an official statement from Government, the Human Resource assessment conducted by the Caribbean Centre for Administration- CARICAD, was concluded in August 2010. However, due to financing issues, the Job Evaluation Exercise was delayed.

A CARICAD consultant has since visited Dominica last month to undertake preliminary work in preparation for the Job Evaluation Exercise in order to complete the report. Salary negotiations for public servants for 2009-2010 have already been finalized with three Public Sector Representative Bodies- the Dominica Public Service Union, Police Welfare Association and the Dominica Association of Teachers.

Government has approved a 3% increase in wages and salaries, as well as increases in allowances to health care workers, payment of casual mileage to various officers and contributions towards the unions’ tertiary education revolving fund. Government has also made funds available to the Government Housing Loan Board to enable Public Officers to obtain mortgages at a low interest rate of 4%. To date, a total forty-nine loans have been disbursed.

Government is confident that the dialogue with the unions will continue in the same harmonious spirit that has prevailed in the past and that the decisions arrived at will be mutually agreeable by all parties in the interest of sustained public sector growth and national development.