DSWMC Wants Littering Stopped

The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation wants consumers to adopt a new mindset as it relates to littering the nature island.

 is confident in the pros of the newly established Litter Committee.

At a press conference last week, P.R.O of the DSWMC, Jeno Jacobs,stated that the committee was born out of a need to do more about the litter issue in Dominica.

“We’re tired of talking. We have had educational sessions at schools, clubs, communities, and on radio and TV and multimedia and still we see some people- a small percentage-continue to deface our important and pristine environment,” he says. “We are selling Dominica as the premiere ecotourism destination globally and we cannot afford to let that small percentage of people deface the environment.”

He hopes that the change will begin in the capital.

“We have a river almost running through Roseau and it is important because if we can control the volume of litter in Roseau, there will be a spillover effect. If you come from elsewhere and litter Roseau, you will be penalized and then go back to your community with a changed mindset,” he proposes.

A main focus of the committee is the issue of waste pickup.

“In Roseau, garbage is picked up on three days, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and we are seeing people placing garbage out for pickup on days and at times outside of the schedule.

“The collection time is 6pm. We have a tourist ship in port at 8am and garbage is already out.

Jacobs wants the public- Dominican and otherwise to adhere to the rules.